Demo of the Alpha version of the Liquid Galaxy for Education platform, summer 2018 - English

Developed by students Ivan Colomer, Aleks Samuilov, Albert Planes, Oscar Carrasco, Albert Merino and Deniz Yüksel, the Alpha version of the Liquid Galaxy for Education platform is running.

The Chromebook side of the project is still in the making off, due to the Chrome OS evolution with the Crostini project, but here you can see and early Alpha demo of the system running on ACER Chromebooks by Xenon Computer:

But the main Android application that both controls the navigation on the LG and handles the Educational Quizes is ready, and we want to thank our partners Xenon Computer, ACER Education and Xtorm for his help in this project, we'll continue it till Beta launch at some point this autumn, as some features still have to be developed.

Andreu Ibáñez

Andreu Ibáñez es coordinador de los Laboratorios TIC del Parque Científico Lleida: Liquid Galaxy, LleidaDrone LAB y Artificial Intelligence LAB Http://