Benchmarking WEB, proyecto 2014 Ismael Arroyo

System, Network, and Performance Monitoring for Liquid Galaxy web-based applications
The main idea is to follow my GSOC 2013 project about benchmarking Liquid Galaxy while running Google Earth, but now focusing on a Client-Server architecture like Google Maps, Peruse-a-Rue or others.

This project would involve capturing performance values, like CPU, memory, networking and/or graphic performance, format the obtained data and visualize it.

In order to complete this task, I will reuse some of the code that I already have to analyze obtained data and plot graphics. The main work will be code the scripts that would capture the performance data, format it in a readable file or files to later show the graphics from the data. A web application will be developed to make it user-friendly.

An example of chart from my previous work that I will be reusing

The web-tool to benchmark Google Earth from GSOC 2013