Interactive Spaces - Liquid Galaxy, Marc Gonzalez GSOC 2014 project

In this video Marc demoes us his briefly his development, basically a link between IS and LG using voice. This was the scope of his GSOC project, but it will shine when installed in october 2014 at an Exposition regarding live of Dr. Joan Oró, a well known Biochemist born in Lleida.

The full project includes more advanced hardware integration with IS, as a proximity sensor to detect a near person that will open the mike for voice recognition, no on screen touch action required, and an Arduino board with some other add-ons. The hack will launch a pulse of laser light to a full Moon on the Liquid Galaxy Screen, pointing to the area (Point of Interest) that the user has requested and after that moving the screens to the point. This will allow for people visiting the expo know the general ubication of the place on the Moon surface.

Link to the original GSOC proposal