GSOC 2015: Liquid Galaxy Android POI controller

GSOC 2015 project proposal
Rafael Duran Saez, Liquid Galaxy LAB, Lleida, Spain
Liquid Galaxy Android POI controller

Project description
The main aim of this project is to create a fluid Android apk controller for the Liquid Galaxy. This user interface will have three main sections:
  • POIs and TOURs selector: it will let the user to select the POIs or TOURs where the Liquid Galaxy will travel and, of course, the user will be able to watch it in the LG monitors.
  • Search, by on screen keyboard and voice, will be implemented.
  • Management tool: this option will let admin users create, edit and delete POIs and TOURs through a pin protected administration area. This tool will also let the admin run some scripts to manage the Liquid Galaxy, such as shut down the rig, reset the X, reset the Earth client, and launch other new applications and demos, HTML5 Peruse-a-rue, the new CMS IS based LG by End Point corp, etc

POIs view with nested items

TOURs view

The apk will be a fluid version, resizable automatically, for tablets and smartphones.

An extra function that will might also be developed will consists in dividing the main POIs and TOURs user interface into two parts: one part would contain these elements I have just mentioned and the other part would contain a Map (from Google Maps). This functionality will let the user indicate the place where the Liquid Galaxy has to travel just by touching the screen. If Peruse-A-Rue is installed we’ll be linking that to Street View.
POIs view with nested items

Linked technologies
Android, Liquid Galaxy, bash, SSH, ADA Framework (database link)

Values for Liquid Galaxy community
Replace the current web based interface for POIs, that has no functionality for editing them, arrange as TOURs and easy access to admin scripts.
Use broadly available Android tablet. Also cheaper and with better touch response than current touch screens. Multitouch capabilities to be explored.
An added value will be an online available text and graphics manual where I’ll explain the process of capturing POIs from Google Earth, and to enter them on the apk.