Google Summer of Code program continues to next step, we handled 110 applications on two projects

After a month of interacting with students from around the world, the Google Summer of Code program continues it's schedule.

I personally have been working with a team of more than 15 mentors in 7 countries, that have been reviewing and interacting with the students we have at the two projects that were choosed by Google among other 170 organizations around the world for GSoC 2016, The Physical Web project and the Liquid Galaxy project,

Now students that have been able to write a decent proposal and interact with his would be mentors, will wait till april 22th while still interacting with mentors, date where Google will announce the students than will be accepted on this year GSoC.

A mention for the mentors: reviewing more than 100 applications and interacting with people from around the globe, is a hard task, and I want to say thank you to the teams at: CryptULL (University La Laguna, Tenerife), University Western Sidney and End Point corp, NY.

Good luck for everybody !!