Coding interships at the Liquid Galaxy LAB, Nerea

Hello! My name is Nerea, I’m from Lleida and I am in the last year of the higher cycle of 3D Animation, video games and interactive environments. I’m student at Ilerna, and I’m doing my practices at the Liquid Galaxy LAB at the Scientific Park of Lleida, Spain.

At first I was very embarrassed to talk and do things, but Andreu and my colleague in practices Roger gradually took that away from me, they have always behaved very well with me.

In summer and autumm I had the opportunity to help Google Summer of Code interns and now Google Code-in students, helpin their projects with designs, guidance, etc

I have also had the opportunity to make a small part of a mood for a game, project name Simulador de Pages, where we’re recreating Lleida’s agriculture surroundings to be included in the future in a mainstream game.

I am very grateful for everything Andreu has done for me and how well he has treated and how much fun I have spent these months

Andreu's note: Thank you Nerea, you've been a very nice person there, and I'm pretty sure you'll have a great professional and personal future. Thank you for staying with us !